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Zoomée aims to transform the traditional communication and entertainment landscape by paving the way for virtual bonding. Because remote interaction is a must-have feature currently, Zoomée offers a platform that meets the requirements and surpasses the established limitations and boundaries of traditional video conferencing and telecommunication technology.

What is Zoomée?

We created the Zoomee platform which is a very advanced online events platform to enrich a meeting and add a new level of participation. Contrary to the two-dimensional nature of contemporary video calls, this impeccable innovation steps slightly aside and provides users with a full spatial perception that includes audio localization. Consequently, whether your event is a meeting with serious stakes, a colourful trade show, or a friendly social get-together, Zoomée will allow you to shift the gears and come up with a new mode of interaction and connectedness in the digital world.

Key Features of Zoomée

Immersive 3D Environments

With Zoomée, properties can emulate the appearance of real-life venues and provide possibilities to move around, explore, and socialize with participants in the same manner as it is in real life, bringing the online and the off-online worlds together.

Spatial Audio Technology

The digital mode of the device mimics how sound behaves in actuality. Everybody’s voice and sound come from a certain direction relative to the one who is listening. This makes the experiences more real with a sort of depth.

Customizable Avatars

For Zoomée, everyone will craft a specific digital identity by using, in your need, these customizable avatars. It also makes it more entertaining, resulting in incentives for one’s real-life appearance and marketing through events.

Interactive Tools

A variety of workshop tools that guarantee engagement and participation through live polls, panels, and matchmakers for networking contribute to the event experience where the audiences don’t view but actively engage with the narrative of the event.


Global Reach

Zoomţi expands geographical boundaries as it provides local languages and time zone support to all participants’ locations, regardless of their location; they will be able to attend without worrying about time and space boundaries.

Analytics and Insights

Now it is not only a performance, but also the one that has a scientific base to back it up. Zoomee supplies event organizers with detailed analytical data that represents audience participation together with the attendance level tracking and the reflections for event improvement.

Secure and Private

Security is the priority that is delivered on the platform via employing state-of-the-art encryptions and privacy measures for users data that should be protected and personal privacy be maintained.

Easy Accessibility

The Zoomée experience is available through a wide range of devices, so users are given the advantage of flexibility and convenience if they are physically present and also for those who are using the service from home or on the go.

15 FAQs on Zoomée

Q1: How do plays like Zoomée events look like?

A1: Zoomée machines with its wide product range is suitable for all kind of events from professional conferences to trade shows, workshops to social parties.

Q2: What type of tools or instruments are required to participate in Zoomée’s event aside from a web camera?

A2: No, panelists can give their feedbacks using their usual computing equipment.

Q3: Does Zoommee have a mobile version that can be downloaded on mobile devices?

A3: Indeed, Zoomée is designed as a device-compatible solution that works on both mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Q4: Can Electronic communication be used for large events?

A4: Yes Zoommee meets any sort of events requests it even handles the larger scale events.

Q5: The question is, what is the purpose of spatial audio in Zoommee events?

A5: Spatial audio standards so do the results; these mimic the authentic dynamics of sound that make interaction more lifelike.

Q6: You must tell me, what can I change in your Zoomee avatar?

A6: Indeed, Zoomée includes in its app avatar creation to allow you to either bring out a specific side of you or build the image you are trying to prop up.

Q7: Does Zoomée have the networking facility like other platforms?

A7: Does it come with a function to help people meeting and networking with others.

Q8: The question is can event hosts simply put their hands on attendee engagement data?

A8: Yes, Zoomée not only produces the data and crash test videos, but also provides analytics and in-depth insights into attendee engagement.

Q9: What security protection facilities does Zoomee provided have?

A9: It applies effective security policies to make sure data is secure and unreachable to any unwanted third party.

Q10: How can Zoomée events be commercized or included price tickets?

A10: Of course, block hosts may sell tickets to their ZoomEE events as well.

Q11: What variety of linguistic fields is Zoomée?

A11: Zoomée engages multiple languages in the design to justify service to an international audience.

Q12: Are technial support assistance provided by Zoommee for its events?

A12: ZoomMMe does have a technical support team to help out with event setup or deployment as it’s needed.

Q13: Does Zoomée have any solutions for when events take place only for a certain period of time or for students who are not on the same timezone?

A13: For Zoomée, covering all the regions with different time zones is one of the priorities. However, such an approach makes it possible for the participants all over the world to participate.

Q14: Is there […] prove live interaction in the form of polls or Q&As?

A14: No doubts Zoomée provides for the gamut of program tools oriented towards increasing the audience engagement.

Q15: What about the user experience is a Zoomée suitable platform for those who have never attended an event virtually and those who have organized the show?

A15: At Zoomée, we are precise and user-oriented, so that being with us the virtual event does not give anyone anything but pleasure and simple navigation for both those who have already tried these types of content and those who are just starting to discover them.

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